About Us


Curaçao Maritime Association

The Curaçao Maritime Association (CMAR) was founded in 2020. The association consists of national and international companies dedicated to numerous sectors of the maritime industry, with special interest to develop it for Curacao. Its tasks extend to the representation of its membership in various socio-economic forums, as well as acting as a clearing house for numerous maritime-related initiatives.

CMAR provides a maritime industrial platform to join forces and experience, to share knowledge, to provide education and training and to present itself as a spokesperson to any governmental body in Curacao, the Netherlands or elsewhere in the maritime world.
CMAR wants to provide better maritime services to their clients, every day.

Our History

The Curaçao Maritime Association (CMAR) is a non-profit organization established in 2020, to facilitate the development and growth of the marine industry in Curaçao. Following its inception, the CMAR will have national and international companies dedicated to numerous sectors of the maritime industry such as Maritime service providers, shipping agents, terminal operators, shipping lines, vessel operators, charterers, tug and salvage companies, stevedoring companies, bunkering services, port authorities and others.

The primary purpose of CMAR is to assist its members in the study and solution of common problems that directly or indirectly affect the maritime activity in the island.  In performing this role, the CMAR is involved in areas such as:

  • Representation of its members in various forums and associations such as the Caribbean Shipping Association, Curaçao Chamber of Commerce, and other pertinent groups, congresses and organizations.
  • Negotiations with the
  • The collective bargaining agreements with the unions that affect the ports of Curaçao.
  • Negotiations in tariffs, taxes and other duties imposed on the industry whether they are from the Ports Authority, Legislative Assembly, Federal Agencies or the Government of Curaçao.

CMAR’s tasks have expanded to include the representation of its membership in various socio-political forums, as well as acting as a clearing house for numerous maritime-related initiatives.It is directed by the Board of Directors:  President, Johan Stegmeijer, Vice President, Lodewijk Franken, Secretary, Ronald Hania ,Treasurer, Stephan van Dijk, Board member, Rob Sint Jago.


Our Mission

The Curaçao Maritime Association mission is to represent its members in maritime matters and interests before the Chamber of Commerce of Curaçao, the Governmental departments and ministries.

Study and solution of common problems affecting ship repair facilities, contractors, stevedores, shipping agents, shipowners and operators of ships and/or terminals of Curaçao ports.

To close more commercial contracts, attract more international clients by working together and offering attractive proposals to execute work in or outside Curaçao.
Working close together with CMTA organization on Curaçao.

To educate, train, offer courses to improve the level of skills of the employees of its members and the employees of non-members. Collectively the association can improve the quality level of skills of the association and of its members individually.

Negotiation of collective agreements with waterfront trade unions, port pilots in the control of maritime traffic and the imposition of industry charges or tariffs by either by Port Authority, Legislative Assembly, federal agencies and Government of Curaçao.

To play a role of importance as representative of an industry paramount to our country, maintaining a positive image of this one, showing the social responsibility that this business sector has in the environment in which it develops.


Our Vision

To be the premier professional, client-oriented, economically attractiveservice organization in the maritime industry, growing ports across Curaçao with a professional and economic labor force, efficiently providing services, efficiently moving cargo in sustainable harbors flourishing with natural resources.