President - CMAR Board of Directors

Sujit Mathoera is a Surinamese born Dutch National. He lived for over 30 years in The Netherlands and studied in Rotterdam. He holds a degree in Business Management and started his career at KPMG, made a move to the mobile telecommunications industry at Vodafone and afterwards he decided to continue his career at Radio Holland, a company specialized for more than a century in maritime communication and navigation equipment.

Radio Holland brought him to Curacao where he was responsible for Marketing & Sales in The Caribbean, leading to new offices in Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago, Panama and Brazil. He moved to Trinidad & Tobago to become the Managing Director and he expanded the business, whereupon after several years he returned to Curacao to become the Regional Director, covering the offices in Middle & South America.

In 2019 he became the Area Manager for the renowned Japanese/Dutch company, JRC Alphatron Marine, service integrator and manufacturer of navigation and communication equipment. Being based in Houston he was managing indirect sales via well-known distributors from Panama all the way down to Argentina and Chili.

Currently as Director Sales & Operations based in Curacao and dealing with many aspects in the maritime industry in Caribbean Area.

An extensive managerial background resulting in a no nonsense, hands-on mentality with a focus on company- and client interests together with many years of operating, living and travelling abroad has taught him to embrace uncertainty and to adapt to unusual circumstances. He is most happy and efficient working in an international team where he can put his 15 plus years of global maritime- and entrepreneurial expertise to work.

Leading. Innovative. Reliable. Human. Integrity. Passionate… keywords that suit him more than well in his role as President for CMAR.