1st Secretary

Albert Elens

1st Secretary - CMAR Board of Directors 

Albert Elens is a Dutch National, born and raised in the biggest port of Europe: Rotterdam. It goes without reason that Maritime logistics runs in his blood. 

For almost 20 years he worked in several maritime positions within this port. From freight forwarder to shipping agent representing major shipping lines. In this position he participated in several working-groups such as, but not limited to, the Coastal Shipping Rotterdam and the discussion-panel within ECT as representative of shipping-line CMA and hazardous materials group intermediary.

His drive for adventure (and his wife) brought him to Curacao in 1996 where he started Seawings NV, freight forwarder within the Maduro Group of Companies. Besides the normal freight forwarding work, Seawings got involved in special cargo projects for the refinery and power- & water plants, creating some island-records for weight and dimensions.  During this period, he also started the representation of TNT courier for the Maduro Group.

In 2006 the Maduro Group was one of the founding fathers of the local carrier Insel Air. From the start he was also responsible for all cargo operations within the whole network with 27 destinations. During this period, he also became an IATA Instructor for hazardous material.

In 2014 Albert became one of the Directors within Maduro Shipping Participation, with offices in the ABC islands. In time he was appointed Managing Director and COO for the entire logistics operations (Shipping, Forwarding & GSA Airlines) including SEL Maduro & Sons which was proudly founded back in 1837!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he played an active role in bringing (cruise-)ships back to Curacao which eventually resulted in several ‘cold laying-up’ -ships staying for months in port and at the same time handling thousands of repatriations of crew members via airlift from Curacao.

Besides his daily duties as Director, Albert is also participating in following organizations:

Curacao Export Association – Curacao Economic Board – CSA & Curacao Cruise committee and now, also with lots of enthusiasm: CMAR.

Alberts believes “A Day without cooperation and communication, is a day without sunshine!”